A leprosy village in India
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Children and their stories
I want to tell you some stories about children in Little Flower, how they live with their families or in the hostel, about their dreams and ideas, their thoughts and their hopes.



Ritu (11 years old) and Ritesh (13) are the daughter and son of Indu and Rajedner.

I still remember Indu when she was a small girl. When she came to the hostel, I was really shocked when I saw this small friendly girl who already had crippled fingers by the age of six. However, it was not only her crippled fingers, but her very special open hearted personality and kindness, that impressed me a lot.

Indu lost her mother when she was a small child and her father brought her to Little Flower, when he left for Assam to get a job there. Indu‘s step mother did not want to keep her and look after her, so Little Flower became Indu`s family. Today she works here in the school in the organisational part.

Rajender also came to the hostel when he was a boy. That`s how the both met. Today he works in the market in Raxaul.

They got married and live now in one of the small houses of Little Flower. This is where Ritu and Ritesh grow up and they both attend school in Little Flower. These two children are the pride and hope of their parents!

Both, Ritu and Ritesh, are very good students and seem to be very intelligent. Both have the same very sweet smile of their mother that keeps their faces shining!

Ritu was one of the girls who won one of the capes we knitted for the children and it was wonderful to see her with her cape all around Little Flower.

Whenever I visit Little Flower , Indu comes to invite me to her house and cooks a meal for me. This is her way to give me love and all her thankfulness and I love her very charming hospitality!



Deepa Kumar is 10 years old and he lives in the hostel together with his two brothers. Desjaj is 13 years old and Desraj 15.

Deepa says, that it is a great help to have his two older brothers around. They all come from a village, that is approximately two hours away from Little Flower and their father is a patient of Little Flower hospital. Their mother earns money by spinning the silk for Little Flower. She can do this at home as she has her own spinning wheel. She brings the yarn to Little Flower.

The village, where Deepa comes from is a typical leprosy colony . There is no chance for work and as a result most people resort to begging. Deepa has another brother and one more sister.

Deepa and his brothers are very good, intelligent students and you can see a lot of humor and cleverness in his eyes.

I can make sure that their work is correct. They are very happy to be here and have the chance to study. I ask them what they like the most at Little Flower. Their answer comes straightaway - the school and the studying, life in the hostel, playing cricket and kabbidi kabbidi (a most beloved Indian game). Deepa also introduces me to his best friend. His name is Jasmin .... but actually they all feel like part of a big family!!



Deepika Kumari is 16 years old. She has two sisters and lives with her parents and youngest sister in a small house in Little Flower. The elder one is married already and lives somewhere in West Bengal.

I first met Deepika in school. She was working there, teaching the small children for a year, so she could earn the money for the next step in her career. She also goes to intermediate school in Raxaul.

Her parents both work in the weaving department. They met as leprosy patients in Little Flower. Her mother came from Nepal. Her father from Betthia, a town a few hours away from Little Flower.

Deepika‘s mother works in the spinning department and her father is in the organisational section. He is the right hand man of Shiu, the head of the department.

Deepika tells me her future plans. She would like to find a place in the nursery school in Patna. This is her deepest wish, although at the moment she has no idea how to finance her dream. Little Flower cannot support all the education costs for the village. There is not enough money for that and of course her parents live on very little money so there is no hope that they will be able to afford this either.

So hope is the one thing that remains and you can see Deepika’s deep wish on her face! However, there is also her sister who is now at the age of 14. She is a very talented student and has her dreams, too!

When you see these four together, you can feel their unison and love. Joy, humour and optimism live in their house; although no one really knows, how future will look like!