A leprosy village in India
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The Project
The Head of Little Flower

Brother Christdas, the head of Little Flower, who only really performs the job of an administrator in the association, was born in southern India. His mother tongue is Malayalam, the language of the Keralas. He studied theology in Bangalore, and it is there that he first encountered people suffering from leprosy. This experience was such a shock for him that he wanted to quit his studies at that time and immediately dedicate his whole life to leprosy patients.

He finished his studies but his decision had been made, and the only thing that mattered in choosing the order he wanted to join was which one would allow him to work with people who have leprosy. This ended up being the branch of Mother Teresa’s order for men, the Missionaries of Charity. So he worked on leprosy projects in this order, often exchanging ideas with Mother Teresa.


He did this until the winter of 1981, when he reacted to the cries for help from patients in Bihar and went there to found the project “Little Flower” under the patronage of the Bishop of Muzzafapur. He set foot on this path, accompanied by a few friends and like-minded companions, with only a nylon bag full of money from a generous donor on his lap and an amazingly optimistic spirit.Not only Little Flower has gotten 25 years older but also Brother Christdas, whom all people in the village call Baba. He is the father figure and authority, the ultimate decision maker and mediator, the visionary and entrepreneurial spirit, … he came with burning enthusiasm, which has spread like wildfire.