Ein Lepradorf in Indien
Danksagungen an Claudia Vilanek
Brother Christas (Founder of Little Flower)

Borther Christas
Statement of Brother Christdas for Claudia Vilanek

Behind this Homepage, there is a woman who deserves a very deep appreciation from you and me: She is Ms Claudia Vilanek!

Claudia has been walking with me from the very starting of Little Flower till today - 30 years of an unending long walk together.

She has immensely helped Little Flower to blossom and spread is beauty and fragrance into the lives of 50 thousand wounded Leprosy patients and their families, making their lives a little more liveable and their death a little less deadly - and that is Claudia to whom goes my salute!

Abraham Joseph (Director of the Little Flower Hospital in 2011)

Abraham Joseph
About Claudia and her engagement for Little Flower

Claudia loves Little Flower and the people living here. From the very beginning of this project in 1983 she worked with us and helped to build it up.
Since that time, she did a lot Little Flower and this support lasts now for almost 30 Years.

She fundraised significant amounts of money and made it possible, that we can run this hospital and educate our children in our little school, where she herself thought the young children for several months. But also special needs could be realized through her engagement, such as a new generator, that supplies us with energy, a new tractor, that enables us to grow our own vegetables and work on our fields efficiently and a new jeep, to get around and see to our leprosy-patients, who cannot make their way to Little Flower hospital themselves. But over all, it is her very personal engagement, her great character and her big heart, that is so great help to master our hard work for Little Flower.

In the name of all us I want to express my deep gratitude and my very personal respect for Claudia!

Pritima Abraham (Accountant of Little Flower)

Pritima Abraham
For Claudia, a woman of great conviction
Our counsellor and humanitarian companion

Claudia has special love for Little Flower Institution and for the leprosy-patients. In spite of her personal struggles and family-problems she kept linked with Little Flower since 1982. Her active participation in running the institution by collecting funds and her eagerness to see Little Flower updated with the currents of the changing world is really admirable. I have known her during the last 19 years. There were times, when Little Flower went through severe financial crises. She called me over the phone and as she learned, that we had no more money to run Little Flower, she told me immediately: "Don't worry -I have some money. I'll send it soon."
Her action was quick – we got the money and had a great sigh of relief and managed to solve our problem. She has given continuous financial support and when needed, even more additional support!

I really appreciate her love and concern for us and her always standing with us.

I am lucky to meet such a great and wonderful lady. I feel proud of her!
I send her all my best wishes, great luck, happiness, good health!